Steve Roth
Business Management, Direct Marketing, and Automation Consulting

Steve has been an owner, principal, and equity partner in multiple successful businesses over several decades. He helps organizations build the systems, processes, and procedures to effectively expand and tap their customer base to maximize profits and achieve mission goals. He has special expertise and experience in driving event attendance, membership, and enrollment. 

A few of the organizations Steve has worked with:

Implement membership tracking and recruitment system and procedures. 

“Steve got us up and running with a great system in only a month or two. He recommended what turned out to be the perfect software for us, explained what we could and couldn't reasonably expect to do with our data and staff capabilities, taught us how to structure our data as simply and consistently as possible while not locking out future possibilities. He built automated procedures for ongoing maintenance, and showed us how to quickly do our daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term tasks to maintain a top-notch membership, donations, and marketing system. All with very few hours of his time.” —Marilyn Hoe, Programming Coordinator

Build customer and contact database from past sales records, implement email and web marketing campaigns.

“We had many years of customer information in pretty intractable forms. Steve showed us how to extract it, organize it, and put it to use in marketing and customer relationships — email, Facebook advertising, etc. We couldn't be happier with the results.” —Charles Pickel, Founder and Owner

St. John’s University
Build targeted house lists for Facebook advertising, plan campaigns, analyze metrics along the conversion pipeline.

“Steve's advice increased the returns on our Facebook advertising campaigns by at least an order of magnitude. I can't overstate the leverage and power of his thinking in building out profitable and mission-effective campaigns.” —Robert Kadar, Web Producer

Implement Facebook advertising campaigns. Build high-response rate "house" lists from subscribers, donors, online visitors, ticket buyers, etc.

"After some years of pretty scattershot Facebook advertising efforts on our own, with pretty uncertain returns, in just a couple months and with very few hours of his time, Steve had us running measurable, profitable campaigns. They've paid for themselves many times over." —Amanda Fink, Managing Director

Systematize testing, response-rate analysis, and campaign optimization for Facebook advertising campaigns.

"Steve's organized, systematic, metrics- and testing-driven approach and processes took our Facebook campaigns to whole new levels of effectiveness. It's been incredibly valuable to be able to properly evaluate each ad's performance and optimize for our best performing work over and over again."  — Jason Preston, Co-Founder
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